MaytRx® Wall Systems

Double-sided, multi-face, available in Split Face and Renaissance Stone for walls up to 3 ft. high and engineered for walls of any height or length.

Cambridge MaytRx 3 and MaytRx 6 are the most versatile wall units on the market today! Four different double-sided wall stones, designated A, B, X and Y, offer five different face sizes. Each MaytRx wall stone comes in two different heights—3″ and 6″ and two different face styles—Split Face or Renaissance Stone (distressed).

Also for a random look, you can utilize both 3″ and 6″ MaytRx in many different patterns.

Build freestanding and retaining walls as well as steps, columns and more. Caps are also available. Corners are made by splitting existing units. A special pre-made Corner Wall Stone is now available with no splitting required.